Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years!

I wish everyone a happy and safe new year. This is the day that we will all appreciate one another. All those days that flew by are going to even get more intense during that next year. I wish you all health, prosperity, and happiness in the future. Hope to have some fun tonight. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Alright here is footage from 5D Mark II

Alright so now here is footage from a Canon 5D Mark II this camera has a great resolution and its low light sensitivity with the right lens of course as well as its size. It is a good camera as well as affordable compared to the other digital and film cameras. I enjoy DSLRs and most likely will use this until I can afford the Red Scarlet.

This is decent footage from it and I've seen shorts done with the 5D and its truly astonishing for what the camera is. I might be shooting one of my shorts in 2 months with this camera. So I'll have more experience with it by then. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hmm just popped in my head

From the complexities of life
Filled with love and questions

To the simplicity of death
Why so much, for so little

Live the way you should
Enjoy all the moments you're here



Arri D21

This is one of the workhorses of the digital video cameras. This camera gives you great resolution with a great overall sensitivity. I've seen footage from this camera
and it looks really good compared to 35mm film.

This video gives you a real look at the footage from both 35mm and the d21. Of course one being film and the other being complete digital. They both have a great color spectrum and I would love to work with the D21 and see what I could make with this cinematography wise. I know its a relatively long video but to really get a look at it you should watch at least the first 4 mins.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Tilt Shift

Alright the tilt shift lens is an interesting concept that a friend of mine showed me and the images it comes up with is really brilliant. Something I would enjoy having just can't afford one at the moment. Once I can afford it, I will have so much fun with it at the images it comes up with. All I have to say is we're all ants!
Canon TS E Tilt-shift lens - 17 mm - F/4.0 - Canon EF
These are the images they can come up with.

A little Vid of Red One, 5D and Lumix

This is a short video of the differences and shows you all the different types of cameras this video is using the Red One, LumixGH1, and the 5D. Relatively from a visual aspect they all have a great resolution and in my opinion it all depends on the lense but in this video it shows you the different lighting scenarios and gives you a wide range of what these cameras can do. I mean resolution wise they are all similar in the sense that you won't really notice. But in my opinion I like the 4k image of the Red One and Lumix gave you great resolution with great color. The 5D is a great camera and I wouldn't mind using it. These cameras have their pros and cons just like any other product. I would enjoy to use them all on different styles of films that I would shoot. Maybe someday I will be able to use these cameras.

The Red Scarlet!

Ok here is one of my camera's that I would really like to work with but I need to find a production that would love to use them. I mean its basically a workhorse of camera that takes both 5k stills and 4k video, which in the end is awesome. The resolution is amazing and the price is relatively cheap. I mean I can be like those that are mostly around me and go Canon 5D, 7D or even 60D. These are great cameras but in the end this one would be really nice to work with. Here we go me dreaming but everything will soon happen eventually. The Scarlet will be fun and impressive.

Apparent Job Opportunities for Myself

I have been a full time student since I've graduated from high school which seems like such a long time ago. It took me awhile to learn where and what I wanted to do with my life which I still question to this day. But opportunities are finally showing themselves and they are so interesting. I have skills in so many aspects of camera, lighting concepts, and overall feeling in any scene I'm making. It took time to develop these skills but I'm succeeding in every aspect and its showing by my work and my attitude towards those I work with and those I meet just for the first time. I enjoy making films whether its shorts or features I enjoy every aspect. This is something I will continue pursuing and will hopefully be rewarded with success. The future is unwritten and its what you make of any situation presented. I will succeed!